Frequently Asked Questions 
for Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy

How long is KEDA’s Dance Season and what can we expect?
A Dance Season is much like a school year – we start in late August and dance each week through late May, then prepare for our Annual Dance Recital in early June.  Along the way, there are other performances: KEDA hosts an annual Holiday Soirée in December, a showcase of our performance team’s repertoire in April and a main-stage performance by our children’s production group in March, etc.  KEDA also actively seeks community events for our students to perform at and has family-friendly events at the DancePlex.  Class time will consist of stretching, some strength training, technique development, routine rehearsal for upcoming events and often a cool-down or discussion of what was taught that session.  Families and their guests are more than welcome at the Dance Academy and can congregate in the Parent Lobby, the KEDA CAFÉ and the Mini-Movie Theater.  You can actually watch your child’s class through the glass Parent Lobby overlooking our Main Studio or on our HDTVs for our other studio rooms.  Please see the monthly time line of ongoing events and activities for an idea how the Dance Season will progress.

Why does KEDA charge a Student Registration Fee?
Dance studios and other enrollment clubs have Registration Fees; it is to offset the expense of setting-up the student in their customer base, e-mail list, class rosters and payment spreadsheets.  KEDA feels a Registration Fee is a little bit more – it helps “validate” the relationship between the Dance Academy and your child(ren); it signifies a  commitment to both KEDA and the student.  It also helps pay for miscellaneous expenses not included in your tuition, such as dancer’s insurance and music licensing fees.  Your paid Registration Fee during the Dance Season carries over to our summer program, so there is no Fee collected when enrolling for summer classes.  KEDA’s Student Registration Fee is $50.00 and is payable at the time of registration for each student being registered.

Does KEDA offer Make-Up Classes if we’re on vacation or my child is ill?
Progress is achieved through consistent attendance, so please try to come to every class that you have registered for each week.  KEDA will do everything to provide ample opportunities for make-up classes, even when it is the family’s choice not to come to class (due to illness, vacation, etc). Please notify KEDA via e-mail regarding absences and/or scheduling a make-up class.  If KEDA has to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances, a make-up date will be announced as soon as possible and all applicable students are urged to attend.  Please note that providing make-up class opportunities isn’t a requirement, but rather a courtesy, and that there are no refunds for classes not taken.  

Why does KEDA have a Dress Code?
There are multiple benefits for having a Dress Code at KEDA:
 Cost Factor: families only need to purchase one (or two, depending on how many classes a week is taken) leotards for their child to last for the entire Dance Season and beyond; the leotards we chose are aesthetically pleasing and launder beautifully; other Dress Code items are also a “one-time buy”, such as shoes, Hip-Hop pants and T-shirts; dress code leotards are only $35.00 each
 Class Continuity: there is a more professional feel during class when the students take pride in their appearance and arrive ready to learn in proper attire
 Costuming for Events: there will be times we will perform for the community and we ask the students to arrive wearing their dress code attire, since all the students have the same items

Why is Credit Card AutoPay the preferred payment method?
Credit Card AutoPay is a service that KEDA provides to its families for convenience: with your permission, KEDA can run your credit/debit card on file each month for your child’s agreed-upon tuition.  There is no need to remember to go to the bank for cash or to write a check.  Credit Card AutoPay also ensures you’ll never pay a Late Fee again.  KEDA runs payments about the 4th of each month so that we can pay our bills timely and keep the Dance Academy up and running.  Members of our performance teams are required to be on Credit Card AutoPay.

Why is E-Mail so important at KEDA?
All of KEDA’s communication with our customers and business associates is done via e-mail.  Since we are a performing studio (which means we don’t spend the entire Dance Season inside a studio room), KEDA could be invited to participate in an event and your child could be requested to join. An e-mail will be sent.  There may be an adjustment to your child’s class schedule, so an e-mail 
will be sent.  We may be offering a Master Class with limited registration, so an e-mail will be sent. Please get in the habit of checking and answering your e-mails daily so that you don’t miss anything at KEDA.  Please note that we also utilize Facebook for many announcements in addition 
to e-mail notifications, so be sure to like KEDA's Facebook page for daily interaction.

Why do I have to purchase a Recital Package?
Instead of collecting tuition for the month of June and having families pay outright for their favorite Recital mementos, KEDA pulled together a package of goodies so that you can still get everything you want and KEDA can pay for the recital venue, sound and light specialists and keep the Dance Academy running in June.  Recital Packages typically include ticketing for all KEDA’s multiple Recitals, a DVD of `the shows, a personalized T-shirt, an award presented to your child on stage by the owner of the Dance Academy and a Meal Plan for Recital Day, so you don’t have to worry about packing any food or drink items.  Recital Packages are designed for our customer’s convenience – One Stop Shopping for “Everything Recital”!

Dress Code 
for Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy

All these items available in KEDA's Boutique!
pink or lilac tutu dress code leotard 
pink for Demi Dancers and lilac for Petite Dancers
dark tan footed tights
dark tan convertible tights (for Petite Level)
pink leather Ballet slippers
black patent-leather Tap shoes

black dress code leotard
dark tan convertible tights
coordinating skirt (optional)
pink canvas split-sole Ballet shoes
pink Pointe shoes (for Pointe class)
tan canvas half-sole sandals (for Lyrical class)

black dress code leotard
dark tan tights
black shorts or black Jazz pants (optional)
black leather split-sole Tap shoes

black dress code leotard
dark tan tights
black shorts or black Jazz pants (optional)
tan leather slide-on Jazz shoes 

black dress code leotard
dark tan tights
black shorts or black Jazz pants (optional)
tan leather slide-on Jazz shoes

black dress code leotard  
black KEDA tank top 
black Jazz pants
black Hip-Hop sneakers

black dress code leotard
dark tan convertible tights
coordinating shorts (optional)
bare feet

black dress code leotard
black convertible tights
bare feet or tan footUndeez

...for the boys or other classes not mentioned, please consult your instructor.

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