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909 South Ridgewood Avenue | Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
KEDA's Official Website was last updated: May 13, 2013
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Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy’s Invitation-Only Dance Team

Kinetic Expressions Dance Academy, a staple of world-class dance training in the Daytona Beach area,
is proud to introduce THE KEDA ELITE, an invitation-only dance team for its students.  THE KEDA ELITE will focus on solos, duets, trios and group pieces to perform within the community for entertainment and philanthropic events and also to bring to local dance competitions that frequent our area. 

These specialized daily classes are designed to give the dedicated and serious dancer more time to improve technique and perfect their skills while developing a repertoire of professional performance materials.  Class time will be multi-functional – concentrating on particular routines or simply exercises in technique, as determined by the Director.  ELITE is focused on the dancer who wants to pursue performance beyond their high school education. 

Please take the time to review the following personal and costuming requirements that come with joining ELITE:

Monthly tuition to participate will be $100.00.  This will be in addition to your monthly class tuition.  Both class tuition and ELITE tuition can be made in one payment each month, made payable to KEDA.  ELITE tuitions will be collected starting September, 2013 through May, 2014.

All ELITE members must have current credit card information on file.  This information may be used for costuming, competition fees, etc.  A statement will be e-mailed to you if your card is run for purposes relating to ELITE.

Attendance is critical to the cohesiveness of ELITE routines.  Classes will be held on the following days and times during KEDA’s 2013 - 2014 Dance Season:

Tuesdays: 3:30 – 4:30
Thursdays: 3:30 – 4:30
Fridays: 3:30 – 5:30

Tardiness or absenteeism due to other extra-curricular activities outside of KEDA will not be permitted.  Please note, however, that days and times listed above keep calendars free for KEDA’s next Expressions Company main-stage production rehearsals and of the Civic Ballet of Volusia County’s “Nutcracker” production rehearsals.

Paying class tuition and/or ELITE tuition late or non-payment of said tuitions can result in the expulsion from ELITE and your credit card on file to be charged for the remainder of your ELITE tuition fees for the Dance Season.

No Pass – No Play: all members of ELITE must maintain an acceptable grade point average; Report Cards may be asked to be presented to the Director.  Grades falling below the Director’s discretion may result in dismissal from ELITE to concentrate on studies.

Member conduct within ELITE rehearsals, within the Dance Academy, at competitions or at community events will be that of an educational institution.  Respect for KEDA staff, fellow students, performance facilities and dancers from other studios must be demonstrated at all times.

Members will be solely responsible for all charges associated with events ELITE will be attending (competition fees, parking, refreshments, souvenirs, photographs, etc).

ELITE will actively seek dance opportunities in the community – expect ‘last-minute’ performances.

Parent Meetings will be called several times during the 2013 – 2014 Dance Season to discuss any issues concerning the ELITE members and its participation in various events.

ELITE rehearsal dress code will be “freewear” – any dance attire in any colors; hair must be back and securely in place.  Standard KEDA dance code will apply to all other classes that are the same day as ELITE rehearsals.

THE KEDA ELITE is an invitation-only team.  Invitations will be distributed at Recital 2013.  If you feel you have the commitment and all requirements can be met, you may communicate your interest to the Director, in writing, at Inclusion within ELITE is solely at the discretion of the Director.

Performance Attire Requirements will include, but may be not be limited to, the following items:

      KEDA warm-up suit
      ELITE member T-shirt
      black spaghetti-strap leotard (no embellishments – plain)
      black sports bra (no embellishments – plain)
      black shorts (no embellishments – plain)
      black leggings (no embellishments – plain)
      pink canvas Ballet shoes
     black Jazz shoes
      tan Jazz shoes
      tan Character shoes with 2” heel
      rhinestoned FootUndeez
      nude bodyliner and nude bra
      tights: tan, black, black fishnet, pink with backseam
     crystal stud earrings (colors to match stage costuming)
      stage costuming will be determined by Director after several rehearsals

Performance Make-Up Requirements will consist of the following items;
exact brands and color palettes to be advised:
  black eyeliner pencils
   black mascara
      theatrical lashes (2 sets of regular black and 1 set of glitter)
      lash glue
      eyeshadow palette featuring all colors
      red lipstick
      clear lipgloss
      blush palette featuring several colors
      blush brush/other make-up brushes as desired
      glitter body spray
      carrying case for all these items

      Performance Hair Requirements will consist of the following items:
  hair ties and bobby pins
     spritz hair spray and hair gel
      glitter hair spray
      Hot Buns™ bun maker
      carrying case for all these items

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